SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program. It is the largest federal nutritional assistance program. Nationwide, its benefits helped an average of 33 million low-income individuals purchase nutritious food each month last year. This March, 163,320 Nebraskans (about 9% of the total population) received nutrition assistance from SNAP. Unfortunately, about one-third of those eligible for SNAP do not receive these benefits. Food Bank for the Heartland is joining in the nationwide effort to assist eligible citizens to claim this valuable nutrition assistance. Contact Kelly Dunlap, Rebecca Valdez or Hazel Deman, SNAP Outreach Specialists at 1-855-444-5556 for more information.

How SNAP Outreach Helps Communities

Provides food to hungry children. Nearly half of SNAP participants, 13 million individuals, are children.
Assists people transitioning to self-sufficiency. Most people spend less than 2 years on SNAP and half leave the program within 9 months.
Reclaims unused federal tax dollars. Over $6 billion in SNAP benefits went unclaimed in 2006 as a result of nonparticipation.
Increases the number of farm jobs. Every $1 billion in retail food demand generates 3,300 farm jobs.
Provides an immediate economic stimulus to state and local economies. Every $1 of accessed SNAP benefits generates an additional $1.84 of economic activity.
*  Data from Feeding America

If you are a nonprofit agency, you can learn about becoming a local SNAP outreach partner. Click "Read more" for SNAP information and outreach tools.

SNAP Application Guide

To apply:
Questions? Call Nebraska’s Voice Response Unit: 1-800-383-4278
Need extra assistance? Call Food Bank for the Heartland’s SNAP Assistance Hotline: 1-855-444-5556

SNAP Specifics

Employment Requirements
Special Rules for Elderly or Disabled
Immigrant Eligibility
Food Stamp Policy on Immigrants
SNAP Informational Video

Myths & Facts about SNAP and...

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